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You Have Been Hacked – SCAM

This is very common I get calls about it at least once a week. The websites locks your browser and displays a message stating there is some type of problem with your computer,You Have Been Hacked - SCAM
sometimes it plays an alarm sound or a voice message stating there is some type of problem with your computer. It then displays a toll free number to call, if you call you will get a hold of some one wanting $200-$300 to “fix” your computer. This is a scam and in all likely hood there is nothing wrong with your computers. Check out this video about the scam on NBC News.¬†While in the video it states that the business is being closed I have a feeling this isn’t the only one out there.

How to get this off your computer:

  1. Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete on your keyboard at the same time
  2. Select TASK MANAGER
  3. Find the brower that you were using on the list (Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer)
  4. Click on the browser name so its high lighted
  5. At the bottom of the box there is a END TASK button click on it
  6. If there are anymore listings of your browser click on them so there high lighted then END TASK until there all gone.
  7. Open your browser again if is asks “Do you want to restore website?” Click no or it will reload the SCAM site and you will have to start over

If you use your computer for online banking, bill paying or managing your stocks I strongly advise you purchase a quality anti-virus product.

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