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Windows 8 is not that bad!

Windows 8 Start Menu Replacement - Classic ShellWindows 8 is not a bad operating system

There has been a lot of negative press about Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 lately. When I first began to use it I hated the giant icons on the start menu, that were obviously designed for a touch screen interface. After over a year of use I still don’t like the big block icons on the start menu, other than that its not that bad. A lot of people have compared it to Windows Vista. Really! Windows 8 is certainly not that bad, not even close. Windows Vista was slow and had a tendency to crash before all the service packs were released. Windows 8 is a fast OS I don’t think I’ve ever seen it crash, and its just a little bit more resource efficient when compared to Windows 7. The only thing that makes it “bad” is the big block interface that Microsoft has put on it, which can easily be replaced with free utility’s such as Classic Shell that will restore your start menu back to the old style interface.