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Cheap Computers


Be cautious of cheap computers

LaptopRecently I have worked on several NEW laptops that are SLOW! Be cautious when purchasing a new laptop or desktop computer. There are a lot of cheap low end CPU’s being put in lower priced desktops and laptops that are not going to perform that well. These CPU’s do not benchmark much faster then a Pentium 4 from 10 years ago. I’ve had a few cases were a customer purchased a new laptop and there current laptop had a faster CPU. Stay away from names like AMD E-Series or Intel Celeron. Intel G-Series CPU’s perform well and are not that much more expensive, spend a little more and you can get a Intel i3 series which is even faster. A quick look through the local retail store ads and I see that the low end Windows 8 laptops are starting at around $280 up to around $329.99. You can get a Intel i3 series laptop for around $350-$400, I’ve seen them on sale a few times for even less. If you can afford it do yourself a favor and spend the extra $50.

Occasionally I have some nice used laptops and desktops that will perform better than the low end CPU laptops and desktops.