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Protect your Internet Devices with IBM’s new Quad9 Service

Quad9 LogoIBM offers a free DNS service that will help protect your computers, tablets, smartphones and other internet connected devices from malicious attack.

Whats a DNS service?

Computers talk to each other on the internet by using IP addresses. When you want to go to say your computer contacts a Domain Name Server or DNS server and simply asks the server what the IP address for com is. The server will return a IP address such as, your computer then contacts that IP requesting Googles website.

Why is QUAD9 better?

Here is a excerpt from the Quad9 website describing how it works.

Quad9 routes your DNS queries through a secure network of servers around the globe. The system uses threat intelligence from more than a dozen of the industry’s leading cyber security companies to give a real-time perspective on what websites are safe and what sites are known to include malware or other threats. If the system detects that the site you want to reach is known to be infected, you’ll automatically be blocked from entry – keeping your data and computer safe.

Your network already has a DNS service provided by your internet service provider. You can however change your DNS server settings to use the QUAD9 service. Giving all your devices on your network a layer of protection against malicious websites. This will help protect your devices from viruses, malware, ransom-ware and other things that are bad on your computer.

How to setup Quad9

The instructions to set this up can be found on the Quad9 website its very simple.
The best way to set this up is to add the DNS server addresses to your router, that way all the devices on your network are protected.

If you need help setting things up give as a call 602-456-0064.

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