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Laptop Screen Repair – Laptop Power Jack Repair – Laptop Motherboard Replacement

Picture of cracked laptop screen that can be repaired

Laptop screen damage is a very common and can be repaired. All it takes is a swipe with a sharp object, a drop onto a hard surface, or another type of impact to leave your laptop screen cracked and broken.

Many people erroneously assume that a damaged laptop screen is the end of the computer, believing that it’s too expensive to warrant a repair. But in reality, replacing a scratched or cracked screen is quite affordable if you turn to the team at West Valley Tech!

At West Valley Tech, we specialize in prompt and affordable laptop repairs, including screen replacements.

On average, a replacement laptop screen costs between $60 to $150, depending upon factors such as the size, style and model. Then, there’s the cost of labor to remove the old screen and replace it with the new screen. At West Valley Tech, we charge $40 to install a new laptop screen. Therefore, at the upper end of the price spectrum, you can expect to spend approximately $190, though this is not typical. At West Valley Tech, the average cost for the new screen and the labor to install it is approximately $130.

Picture of broken laptop screen displaying partial image

Cracked laptop screen still displaying partial image

Many repair companies charge much, much more for laptop screen repairs and replacements.

We can also assist with other repairs, including replacement of the laptop casing, or repair of the power jack, which is often damaged as well when a computer is dropped or impacted.

We’re happy to provide you with a cost estimate to perform your laptop repairs, as price does vary according to the laptop model, brand and screen size.  We encourage you to contact us for a price quote on your laptop repair. Call us at 602-456-0064 or send us a email.

Other Laptop Repair Problems….

The laptop screen display cable can become damaged by loose hinge screws causing no or intermittent display. Overheating caused by dust interfering with proper airflow in the laptop cooling system, or a non functioning cooling fan inside the laptop can cause overheating issues, such as shutting down. A damaged power jack caused by excessive pulling on the power cord can also cause unexpected shut downs.

Whatever the case, the team at West Valley Tech is happy to assist with your laptop screen repairs. Call us at 602-456-0064 or send us a email.

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Laptop Power Jack Repair Service

All brands of laptops are susceptible to having a loose or broken DC power jack, including HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Acer, Averatec, ASUS, Sony, Dell, Gateway, Emachines, Alienware, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Panasonic and IBM to name a few. The DC jack (or DC port, DC connector, power socket, whatever you want to call it) is the port where the AC power adapter plugs into the laptop. The power jack on many Laptop Power Jack Repair Pictureappliances never sustains any damage because most appliances that plug into AC power aren’t moved around as much as a laptop is moved around. So, the constant plugging and unplugging into and out of the laptop DC power jack tends to weaken the jack over time. And, outright abuse can make an already fragile power jack break before you know it.

Many repair shops don’t solder components onto motherboards. Many shops prefer to not even disassemble a laptop period. I can tell you from experience working at West Valley Tech that quite a few repair shops send their laptop repairs (especially laptop power jack repair jobs) to us. We can replace power jacks even if they are soldered to the motherboard, we even keep most power jacks in stock so you don’t have to wait.

Most laptop power jacks repaired for $85

Our laptop power jack repair is a quality service. For under 100 bucks we carefully disassemble the laptop, de-solder the defective DC jack from the motherboard, clean the contacts on the motherboard, solder a new high quality power connector to the board with state of the art equipment, clean the heat-sinks and fans, reassemble the laptop and test the laptop thoroughly.

Don’t let someone tell you that a laptop’s DC power jack can’t be replaced or that you will have to have the motherboard replaced in your laptop. We’ve performed many laptop DC jack repairs at West Valley Tech for customers all over the Phoenix metro area.

Laptop Mother Board replacement – $80 (plus parts)

Your laptop turns on but there is nothing on the screen and none of the indicator lights seem to function. You may have a bad mother board in your laptop. Replacement mother board costs vary depending on the age and type of laptop.

If you would like a estimate contact us at (602-456-0064) or contact us via email (HERE).

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